Executive Search


Our Executive Search practice is focused on two sub-categories, enabling sport organisations to integrate their human capital management efforts in the tho main core business components; with one targeting the management team made-up of C-Level managers, directors and departaments heads and the other focusing on the performance managers – coaches, sport directors, scouts – people leading the sports performance that is crucial for the success of the organisation as a whole.



  • High Success Rate in a short delivery time, exceeding our clients’ expectations at all times
  • Leverage on strong international network of professional Kilpatrick senior consultants, specialised in various industries
  • We are “one Company” with a unique and global platform of candidates
  • We work seamlessly across 46 countries with an international team, specialised in cross-border assignments and managing cultural differences
  • We grant full acces to our online “Talent Tracker” so the progress of the search, the candidates and a full benchmark of the industry is totally transparent to our clients
  • Continuous monitoring and follow up the candidates even after the trial period throughout their whle career path in the company