Jacob Hoekstra

Global CEO

In 2003, Jaap took over the executive search firm Kilpatrick™ and built up the business globally to become a leading player in cross border searches, focusing on international searches for both MNC’s and Mid-Caps trying to define key players.

Jaap has built a reputation with both clients and candidates that are based on superior communication and project results that exceed expectations. Working at the highest levels, he has successfully built teams for early-stage clients as well as reinvigorated established organizations with new talent.

Jaap’s specialty is to manage cultural differences aiming at the best possible return on investment for both Company and executive.

Since 2013, Jaap is the Global CEO of Kilpatrick Group SA, which includes: Kilpatrick Executive Search, Kilpatrick Digital, Kilpatrick Solutions, Kilpatrick Aviation, Kilpatrick Bioprogress and Kilpatrick Sports.

Cristina Spagna


Cristina Spagna is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kilpatrick, as well as a member of the board. Graduated in Psychology, she’s got a great track record of executing searches for medium large companies, both on national and international level. Before starting his career with Kilpatrick (2003), he worked for the Dutch multinational Topstart People and covered the role of HR Manager in Fujitsu-Siemens.

Cem Ulkeroglu


Cem has worked for Turkey’s top sports organisations and is regarded as a pioneer of the Turkish sports management and marketing industry. He has founded the commercial department at the Turkish Football Federation and led the Federation’s remarkable financial growth for almost 10 years until 2014. He has led the Turkish Super League Clubs Union’s membership to European Leagues and served as a member of European Leagues Media & Marketing Committee.

In 2014 he acted as the head consultant for Beko in the selection, negotiation and contracting process of the global sponsorship deal concluded with FC Barcelona. Later he joined Saran Media, where he created new partnerships with AFFA (Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan) and TVF (Turkish Volleyball Federation) as the head of sports marketing operations until recently.

Cem is a graduate of Bilkent University with a BS degree in Management and he is one of the first edition graduates of the renowned FIFA Master. He is also a founding member of the alumni association, namely FMA based in Neuchatel.

Alfonso De Stefano


Having played significant roles in various sports events, projects, and corporations for over 20 years, Alfonso is a leading figure in the international sport business industry.

As event director, commercial officer and as marketing director, Alfonso undertook important tasks at major international events like the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the 2005 Bormio FSI Ski World Championships and the 2009 and 2010 FIFA Club World Cups. He later joined Abu Dhabi Sport Council, heading up Events Department and advising to the General Secretary. At the Sport Council, he was responsible for the commercial model development and setting up the National Football League along with leading the team in charge of international events bidding, budgeting, organisation and execution.

Following his leave in 2014, Alfonso held the post as Head of TV Sports Acquisition and Sales at Abu Dhabi Media Group. Having served as a top executive at Abu Dhabi Media, in 2017 he signed as the senior advisor to the CEO of Infront Sports & Media with strategy and business development issues where he contributed to the company’s growth until recently.

Alfonso holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Parma University and a graduate of FIFA Master, International Master in Humanities, Management and Law of Sport.